first edition
Anatomy and Imaging of the Cranial Nerves
Imagerie Anatomique des Nerfs Crâniens

second edition
The Cranial Nerves
 Les Nerfs Crâniens

Who said ...

Professor Charles Freche
Secretary General
French Society of Otolaryngology
and Maxillofacial Pathologies
Head, Department of otolaryngology
American Hospital of Paris, Paris (France)

It is an honor and a pleasure to write a foreword to Mr. André Leblanc's outstanding publication.

I have known him for many years. His exceptional talent has already been recognized, and will probably be appreciated worldwide in the forthcoming months.

It is a great honor for the French Society of Otolaryngology, of which I am president, to have contributed to such a success.


Pr Yves Guerrier
President, French Society of Cervico-Facial Oncology,
National Corresponding Member of the Academy of Medicine
75, avenue de Lodève, Montpellier
Tél.: 04 67 92 31 34


André Leblanc is an extremely talented illustrator of anatomy. He ranks among the most famous graphists of morphological textbooks published in the last few years.

He has now chosen to depict the auditory and vestibular pathways : nothing can be more abstract, as are the perilymphatic spaces that he represented with talent and precision. For those of us who already know, and even more so for those who are learning, these structures are very elaborate, and have been called, rightly so, the labyrinth.

Those who should know the constitution of the ear often didn't take time to look into it because, they said, it was too complex and too tedious, they will no longer be able to say that : the beauty and the precision of André Leblanc's drawings make the study of anatomy pleasant.

I would have liked to work wih him, much as an author likes to write for a gifted musician.

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