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The posters are a perfect medium to communicate and keep the link with the doctors !
As shown hereafter, a large space is dedicated to remind your logo and your company. We have very specials conditions reserved to laboratories who order 1 000 and more posters. A poster personalized and signed by your company will always be in the mind of those who need and need it.
 The posters are a perfect guide to help you in your daily activity.

“ Those who should know the constitution of the ear often didn't take time to look into it because, they said, it was too complex and too tedious, they will no longer be able to say that : the beauty and the precision of André Leblanc's drawings make the study of anatomy pleasant.”

Pr Yves Guerrier
President, French Society of Cervico-Facial Oncology,
National Corresponding Member of the Academy of Medicine

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